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Taking a closer look at how we work with a focus on the M80 Ring Road Upgrade

The pace of road infrastructure development across Australia is showing no signs of slowing down, with many initiatives underway that are critical to our liveability. In this blog we’ll focus on the M80 Ring Road Upgrade, taking a closer look at how we worked to deliver on the requirements of a project that has long-term positive impacts for all road users across the Ring Road and M2 Tullamarine Interchange. 


Any specialist will tell you it’s all in the tools, of course good old-fashioned talent comes into play, but the tools, well they make the magic. As the go-to paint team in the industryfor over a decade, we’ve mastered having the best tools to plan and execute large-scale, multi-year infrastructure projects.From the right kind of vehicles (both accredited for safety and on-site specifications) to having our own water tanks to wash surfaces with recycled, premium water, our equipment meets the requirements for any sized project.

The M80 Ring Road Upgrade, a $2.25 billion project to widen and improve the 38km Western and Metropolitan Ring Roads, saw us pull in all the stops in the equipment stakes. For over 12 months, across seven kilometers and a 30,000m² roadscape from Jacana Tunnel to the Tullamarine Freeway, we washed, painted and worked at height to manage all bridges, road and sound barriers for the undertaking. Having the right equipment meant the difference between delivering the project on time and to budget, rather than getting delayed in fixing mistakes and revising plans.


A major feature of the upgrade was a strong colour palette for barriers along the freeway corridor. We used an anti-graffiti two pac epoxy coating, which works to protect the concrete and is long-lasting even during extreme weather conditions. Knowing our paint specs and how each product works intimately with a surface helps us avoid wastage and maximise time in the day; weather plays a huge role in productivity. Understanding when to paint, even if it means working around the clock, is key to delivering a project within milestone times. Basically – no one stands there watching paint dry. It’s all systems go, all the time.


Road projects require a huge network of trades to deliver on the end-to-end requirements. Knowing how to work harmoniously and collaboratively within a program, alongside other trade specialists is what we do best (aside from painting, that’s what we do best). During M80 we worked side-by-side with concreters, asphalters, line markers, electricians and plumbers – it meant being flexible, especially when it came planning our schedule to avoid any idol time when other teams were working in our shared spaces.


All federally funded projects, such as the M80 upgrade, ensure all qualifications and prerequisites are in order before any scoping takes place. Our qualified team is made up of certified painters and decorators, our founder is also an Australian Standards Paint Inspector, who verifies our work, assessing quality and assurance. Adding to our toolkit, the entire company and team is 3D Safety Accredited. Our experience and qualifications mean that we can hit the ground running to ensure the best possible outcome.


With improved safety, reliability, reduced travel times and congestion, especially during peak periods, we are proud to have played a role in a milestone urban gateway that enriches the community experience across Melbourne’s west.

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